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Have you got too many Handbags, but never the perfect one?

Accessories are one of the easiest and most fun ways to keep your wardrobe fresh and interesting. Great accessories can give even the simplest outfit a lift or make a favourite old dress into something new, but like a wardrobe full of too many clothes too many accessories can just feel overwhelming! And who wants to be overwhelmed by a pile of belts?

Having a wardrobe full of every bag, belt necklace and pair of earrings you have ever owned can actually send you into a rut. Hands up if you are in the habit of grabbing the same bag everyday! Grabbing the same bag everyday not only leads to a lot of wear and tear on what is probably your favourite bag but it can also really let your outfit down. The same bag isn’t going to work with every oufit.

But getting even more bags isn’t going to help get you out of a style rut! If you have just a few of the right bags, you can quickly get used to the frequent bag swap. If your in a bit of a rut I think you should pare you bag wardrobe down to just 5 bags (and that doesn’t include your overnighter or laptop bag)

1.The Tote - Keep it simple, stylish and roomy. This simple bag could be your workbag or a great shopper, think about what is going to fit in with your lifestyle.

2.The Handbag – Let’s get ladylike. Smaller and more elegant than the Tote, the classic handbag is great for when you still have a bit to carry but still need to look polished.

3.The Clutch – Don’t be scared of the clutch! Many clutches these days come with wrist straps so they are easy to manage. These small bags are often seen as only for evening but that’s not the case today. They work just as well for a casual weekend lunch.

4.The Crossbody – Keep it practical and small. This bag should work for walking the dog, a casual dinner out or coffee with friends and all it needs to fit is a wallet, keys, phone and lippy.

5.The Everyday Special – Go wild! This bag is your wild card, think about patterns and texture, tassels and colours. This is the bag that will lift your wardrobe and make you smile.

When you’re choosing your bag wardrobe for the season think about colour. It is tempting to head straight to black when your choosing classics for your wardrobe, but black doesn’t go with everything! Sometimes a black handbag can really drag down an outfit. If you already wear a lot of black a red bag could be just the lift you need! If you’re a fan of neutrals and navies browns and rich tans could add a lot to your wardrobe.

Feel like you’re in an accessories rut? Start with looking at your bags, pick your 5 favourites and live with them for a month! Make sure you swap your bags around and no more dragging that work tote out to dinner with you. You’ll soon know what works and if you need to do a bit of shopping.

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