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Taking it Slowly - Why I love Slow Fashion

When I started making handbags I handmade them, each and every one was the product of my own hands. It was a labour of love, and every design was created to delight and ignored the latest trends but as the brand grew things became different. Suddenly I was producing off-shore and creating seasonal collections that were on trend and designed to sell.

I had lost touch with the things I love about my work. I had gone from creating small ranges of beautiful pieces that each customer would treasure and keep for life to managing the production of fashion bags. It was time to slow things down again and go back to the way I loved to work and make accessories that had a life longer than a single season. It was time to get my hands dirty again.

I love fashion, it’s exciting and fun and while I want it to stay that way I don’t think it needs to be disposable, dull or difficult. For me (and it’s different for everyone) slow fashion is all about

Pieces that last – A handbag you love should last you a long time. So I take the time to make sure that every bag will wear beautifully, getting better as it ages, it’s why I choose to work with leather.

Celebrating the maker – It’s simple. I am a maker and believe that all the people behind the fashion we buy are important, talented and valuable. Buying slow and local means you can celebrate a maker.

Buying less – A wardrobe full of too many clothes or bags is just overwhelming and difficult! And fashion shouldn’t be difficult. I create bags that work in lots of ways. A clutch that works for day and night or a tote that looks good for work or shopping. If you have a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories you love and that work in different ways getting dressed becomes easy.

Creativity – Slow doesn’t mean dull! Bold shapes, strong colour and lots of tassels mean that bags I create are practical, high quality and ethical but never boring.

Practicality – Ever had a bag that is heavy before you’ve even put anything in it? I know I have and it ended up sitting on a shelf for years. I am all about the right amount of pockets in a bag, keeping it light and functional and making sure that it will be a bag that works.

All the bags we sell are created in our own studio by hand and the other accessories we don’t make in the studio, like our scarves, shoes and some of the jewellery, are all made in Australia by factories I know and trust.

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